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PI 140117: RWE and ExtraEnergy create E-Bike Award 21 January 2014
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For immediate release: PI 140117: RWE and ExtraEnergy create E-Bike Award

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The E-Bike Award will be awarded as part of the LEV Conference, the largest international gathering of the Light Electric Vehicle industry. This takes place from the 2nd to 3rd October 2014 at INTERMOT, the world’s largest two-wheeler show, in Cologne, Germany.

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RWE and ExtraEnergy create E-Bike Award
Participants can apply now!
Awards ceremony will take place at the LEV Conference at INTERMOT in Cologne on 2nd October 2014

Essen/Tanna, 14th January 2014

The German ‘National Cycle Traffic Plan 2020’ (NCTP 2020) and the new national government coalition agreement both support the inclusion of pedelecs into existing mobility concepts, and it is just such concepts which energy supplier RWE and the ExtraEnergy organisation will be recognising this year: the best ideas and projects will receive the E-Bike Award 2014. The prize will be awarded as part of the LEV Conference, the largest international gathering of the Light Electric Vehicle industry. This takes place from the 2nd to 3rd October 2014 at INTERMOT, the world’s largest two-wheeler show, in Cologne, Germany.

Further development of pedelec infrastructure is one of the national government’s major objectives. Both the National Cycle Traffic Plan 2020 and the coalition agreement between the CDU, CSU and SPD parties commit to developing solutions for the integration of pedelecs into mobility concepts. Objectives include discovering the most realistic ways to combine the use of different modes of transport, supporting future-oriented projects around the public transport/car-sharing/cycling interface, and unified charging infrastructure. In such a fast-developing market these fundamentals must be swiftly established, states the NCTP 2020.

Energy supplier RWE and the ExtraEnergy organisation support the targets which the national government has set. The E-Bike Award will contribute to the sustainable integration of electric bikes in both everyday mobility and tourism activities. With this prize, the awarding partners will give recognition to the best concepts which offer the greatest benefit for the general public, from cities, communities, tourism associations, transport operators and other public organisations across the whole of Germany. Closing date for entries is the 15th June 2014. Applications can be made online at www.ebikeaward.de or in writing to RWE Deutschland AG, Re: “E-Bike Award”, Kruppstraße 5, 45128 Essen, Germany.

The winners will be selected by a panel of distinguished and independent experts. The awards ceremony will take place on the 2nd October as part of the LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) Conference at the INTERMOT trade show in Cologne. The organiser of the event is ExtraEnergy, who since 1995 has invited manufacturers, dealers, R&D personnel, municipal decision-makers, tourism heads and specialist media to the LEV Conference to offer them an opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the light electric vehicle field. On the second day of the Conference, the 3rd October, ExtraEnergy is inviting visitors to a knowledge transfer session on the legal framework for infrastructure projects, with practical examples and techniques. Sample themes include hire technologies and the creation of a unified charging infrastructure.

Attendance at the E-Bike Award ceremony is free of charge, but please register by e-mail to ebikeaward@rwe.com. ExtraEnergy offers an early booking discount for attendance at the second day of the LEV Conference: this is available until the 1st May 2014 via www.LEVConference.org .

About ExtraEnergy e.V.
ExtraEnergy e.V. has carried out independent e-bike and pedelec tests since 1992. Since then the organisation has established itself as the most influential information, user protection and promotional organisation for light electric vehicles (LEVs) worldwide.

The ExtraEnergy Test verdict is a recognised stamp which marks out good products and offers customers reliable guidance for their purchasing. The flip side of independent buying advice is straight-talking warnings about substandard products.

The founders realised from the start that these vehicles need to be experienced first-hand. Since 1997 the Test IT Track has been on the road, and today has three units for the Test IT Show. ExtraEnergy is also rooted at its test facility in Tanna, where 22 years of test reports and LEV history are on display at the LEV Museum.

Other services on offer include presentations and exhibitions at trade and public shows, plus information distribution with the assistance of correspondents worldwide.

Alongside our physical presence, www.extraenergy.org provides a treasure-house of information online. With support from the European Union and the IEA (International Energy Agency), in 2012 the GoPedelec! Handbook was published in German, English, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Italian, Spanish and Chinese, including much new information and best practice studies for electric-assist two-wheelers.

As founding members of the EnergyBus and BATSO (Battery Safety Organization) associations, ExtraEnergy is also active on both the ISO (International Standards Organisation) Standards Committee, with a focus on mechanical standardisation, and on the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), and so helps set safety and communication standards for LEVs worldwide.

About RWE Deutschland AG
RWE Deutschland AG headquartered in Essen is responsible for the German activities of the RWE Group in the areas grid, distribution and energy efficiency, and it controls the German regional companies. The company has autonomous subsidiaries for distribution, the running of the distribution grid, metering and the sale of technical services. Other subsidiaries are responsible for activities relating to energy efficiency including electric mobility and for gas storage. It has a share in around 70 regional and municipal utility companies and about 20,000 employees.

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RWE Deutschland AG
Jonas Knoop
T 0201 12 20610
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E jonas.knoop@rwe.com

ExtraEnergy e.V.
Angela Budde
T 0366 46 27094
E redaktion@extraenergy.org


For immediate publication – a sample copy would be much appreciated!

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